Website Importance and Best Practices

In addition to Apps, a large part of what the Internet is is business and personal websites. This is why NorthCoastNow finds it so utterly shocking when many small businesses come to them for advertising without a website or with an outdated one.

The days of static websites are gone. From obvious reasons like branding and advertising to customer interactivity and credibility, business websites should be an experience that individual users partake in virtually.

But why does this matter, and what should you and your team consider when auditing your website for improvements, a full redesign, or to have one built altogether? If you are still asking yourself these very questions, let NorthCoastNow help you learn.

Why Do Individual Websites Matter?

Small businesses have various reasons for why they let their website stagnate or vanish entirely. “I have a social media page; a website is redundant” is a common statement, along with the cost associated with the design and general upkeep. Others teach themselves a Content Management System (CMS) and hack together something that fills space.

Having something on the web outside of your social media helps, but having something quality supersedes all, especially when building a brand and advertising to customers. A website is as much of a user experience as someone entering your place of business; you wouldn’t open your doors for the day with a ceiling caving in, would you?

Customers that want your product or service are searching for you online; if you’re not there to receive them, it’s like purposefully turning them away at the door. An optimized website with a call-to-action or even an artificially intelligent ChatBot is like having a personal marketing assistant that works for a nominal fee around the clock!

Best Practices In Design

Your website should always function properly and accomplish a physical goal, such as providing customers with a call-to-action or subscription button. However, do not undercut the importance of good visual design in the functionality equation; this is just as important as a successful contact form.

In this year and going into the next, there are certain intersections of form and function that are only trending upwards in web design for businesses. For starters, content should be more dynamic and less static, displaying SEO-targeted results to customers of said business.

On the subject of dynamics, several businesses have now implemented highly interactive features depending on their product or service. Rooted in the likes of augmented reality and artificial intelligence, now is the time to get creative in demonstrating your offerings to your customers in a virtual landscape.

Affordable Website Solutions

If you have a website needing updates or do not have one altogether, NorthCoastNow Digital can help! With a special branch in digital media services that does not stop at website design, NorthCoastNow Digital has affordable packages for even the smallest local businesses.

If you and your organization want more information about what NorthCoastNow can do for your digital presence, contact us today!

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