Marketing Trends for 2022

The new year is upon us, and where companies plan to spend their digital marketing dollars is being assessed. While they may consider which platforms to advertise on, a more crucial concept to consider is how they will implement their digital marketing and advertising. 

Social media burst onto the scene in the early 2000s, and usage patterns have evolved non-stop since. It proves to be challenging for many companies to keep up and decide how to implement their marketing efforts online.

Luckily, NorthCoastNow has collated some notable digital marketing trends for the benefit of our customers and other organizations alike! Take a look at the following six marketing trends that will make an impact in 2022!

Upcoming Trends

Facebook’s Change to Meta and More – Not only is Facebook still the leading social media network based on their user base, their brand soon changing to Meta brings with it more than just a new logo. Facebook as a shopping platform will accelerate exponentially, opening new online advertising opportunities for many businesses.

Short-Form Video Increase – Short-form social videos, such as what you find on TikTok, Instagram, and other predominantly visual social platforms, are going to be a powerful digital marketing source. This is primarily due to the continuous shortening of attention spans.

Augmented and Virtual Reality – Once thought to merely be a fad, these two renowned technologies will significantly impact the digital marketing landscape through 2023. The more individuals utilize these features, the more benefit it will be to companies in their advertising efforts.

Original SEO Content – Google is getting smarter by the day, and that means the days of cookie-cutter content are even farther in the rearview mirror. Companies should really evaluate the content writers they hire for skill to ensure their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts are top-notch.

Hybrid and Virtual Events – Trade shows and conventions are starting to make a comeback; however, many components of them are beginning to migrate to a virtual setting on social platforms. Companies should view this as an expansive new opportunity, as before the pandemic, in-person trade shows had a capacity limit. The only limit is our bandwidth, now!

The Return of YouTube – You might be wondering: Was it ever gone? Physically no, but in the social media marketing queue of many companies, very much so. As a result, YouTube is being leveraged again by digital marketing professionals as a social video-sharing network advertising products and services.

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