Claim and Optimize Your Local Listing For Optimum Visibility

As a business owner, have you set up your local listing? A better question for many is: do you know your local listing and how to set it up? Many do not, which is unfortunate, as a big part of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) effort is directly tied to your local listing on online directories.

Therefore, if you are spending a good amount of your digital marketing budget on SEO-friendly content, search retargeting, and other efforts to drive more traffic to your website and increase sales, having an inaccurate local listing is actually working against you. This listing includes your hours of operation, dynamic content like a menu or directions, and product categories.

NorthCoastNow Digital offers its customers a plethora of digital marketing and web design services. Among those offerings is helping businesses claim their local listing on Google and other directory sites. Understanding the power behind your local listing is vital to your digital marketing success.

The New Yellow Pages

Technology moves fast, and not too long ago, there were only offline directories for businesses to list their hours, services, and contact information: the yellow pages. In many ways, this was the only way small mom-and-pop shops could get anyone’s attention locally and would’ve been thought preposterous not to utilize as an entrepreneur.

The world has always been a big place, and now your outreach is far easier and wider than a print listing in a local directory. Many take for granted just how regionally and nationally accessible you can be as a small business through quality SEO, let alone a listing.

Having a digital marketing agency like NorthCoastNow Digital claim and polish your Google My Business listing can help skyrocket your visibility online. Your online local listing rolls several older advertising spaces into one convenient area.

Online Business Reviews

When it comes to online business reviews, your mind may go straight to negativity. Only customers who’ve had a bad experience at a business leave reviews as their way to vent and find closure in poor service, right?

Not at all! Just as many if not more customers have had wonderful experiences at a business and want to celebrate them as a way to give back for your hard work. Without an updated Google My Business listing, your positive reviews will be virtually invisible.

Even negative reviews that an external marketing agency like NorthCoastNow Digital handles help drive a positive brand image. If a customer leaves a negative review about a faulty product or poor service on your local listing, you have the opportunity to respond promptly and remedy the situation.

A Partner In Digital Marketing

Do your digital marketing efforts need improvement? NorthCoastNow Digital can help! With both bundles and a la carte offerings in SEO, Google My Business, and more, NorthCoastNow can assist even the smallest local businesses with their digital outreach.

If you and your organization would like more information about what NorthCoastNow Digital can do for your online presence, call us or start by getting a free audit right now!

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