MEDINA — The public art initiative slated for the city’s historic district was postponed this week due to lack of funding.

The recently formed Medina Public Art Coalition planned to bring six outdoor sculptures to the city by summer but announced this week it was unable to fund all of the pieces.

“We had been soliciting sponsors for each piece at about $1,500 but did not get enough interest,” City Planning Director Greg Hannan said. “We knew we were on a tight time frame.”

Nonprofit Midwest Sculpture Initiative, based in Michigan, would have installed and maintained the modern sculptures for the year-long exhibit. MSI still could come to the city, but it would not be until spring 2012, Hannan said.

The Medina Public Art Coalition, composed of representatives from the Community Design Committee, Medina County Art League, Medina County Arts Council, Medina city and Main Street Medina, is continuing efforts to bring public art to the city, Hannan said.

“Even though we were not successful in funding the sculpture exhibition this year, the coalition … has set the groundwork for future public works of art in the historic district,” he said. “In addition to sculpture, public art might include murals, signage or amenities throughout the district.”

Matt Wiederhold, executive director of Main Street Medina, said the economy might have hurt funding efforts.

“Unfortunately, the economy is tough right now, and I think people are being conservative with funding until we get a better sense if we’ll have an upturn in things,” he said. “Spending (thousands) to effectively rent six works of original art for one year isn’t a top priority right now, and we understand that.”

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