After seven weeks of the 2010 NFL season, the Cleveland Browns have a better record than the Dallas Cowboys.  Their QB situation might even be better at this point as well.  That’s kind of funny.

  • Browns RB James Davis was cut yesterday, and he tweeted that he “finally got his wish”.  Everybody was very high on him last year, but dude couldn’t stay healthy and get on the field.  If anybody needs a good preseason back, he’s available!
  • Tony Romo fractured his clavicle on MNF last night, setting the fantasy football world into a mass panic.  Roy Williams says backup QB Jon Kitna is “just as good” as Romo.  And this is why Williams will never be taken seriously.
  • The NBA season kicks off tonight, with the new look Miami Heat going to Boston to take on the Celtics.  Hey did you guys hear the Heat added a few pieces?  You heard it here first, they’re gonna get a lot of attention this year.
  • Brett Favre has two fractures in his ankle, and his ironman streak is in serious jeopardy heading into the weekend.  Is there one person in the country that wants him to play?  I’m pretty sure nobody in Minnesota does.
  • Has anybody been watching “Eastbound and Down” this season?  I thought it had been pretty disappointing thus far, but the last episode was very funny.  Who would’ve thought Don Johnson would be perfect for Kenny Powers’ father?
  • How cool is Rob Ryan?  Sure, his brother gets all of the attention, but I’m sold as a huge fan of the defensive coordinator.  I guess his players call him “Robbo”.  C’mon Browns, come up with something better.

Here’s the new LeBron commercial everybody is talking about.  It’s definitely well done, but if you ask me he’s still misguided.  Quit trying to be a victim—nobody feels sorry for you dude.

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