I doubt you’ll find anyone out there who’ll say that the Bucs were the better team yesterday.  The Browns shot themselves in the foot repeatedly and lost that game.  I’ll give the Bucs a little bit of credit in that they capitalized on our mistakes, but truthfully that game was ours to lose… and we did.


You’re going to hear a bunch of people screaming for Seneca Wallace and the firing of Eric Mangini yet again this season, but please try and tune them out.  There was nothing wrong with the coaching yesterday and I didn’t hear anyone complaining when Jake threw the touchdown to Massaquoi.  The QB play was still light years better than last season and I’ll take the good with the bad at this point.  Do not come up to me and suggest we put in Colt McCoy, because you’re likely to get punched.


Did anyone else feel that Cribbs wasn’t playing with his usual reckless abandon?  It seemed to me like he was trying to dance a little too much out there to be effective in the return game.  However, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now because he is the best in the game at returning kicks. 


I’m in no means ready to argue about yesterday’s game because I’m still extremely irritated about it, but I’m still looking forward to the next game because it’ll take some time for this group to play as a team. 

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