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Indians keep dealing veterans: Westbrook traded to Cardinals, Wood shipped to Yanks

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CLEVELAND – The Indians have been out of contention since the 2007 season, but they’ve become quite efficient at trading off veteran players the past three years.
A day after dealing outfielder Austin Kearns to the Yankees, two more veterans left the building Saturday, with Cleveland trading starting pitcher Jake Westbrook to the Cardinals and re-uniting […]

Sixth suspect in mail theft case turns self in

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MEDINA — A sixth suspect in the theft of mail from the Medina Post Office turned himself in to the Medina County Sheriff’s Office on Friday.
Michael Malin, 18, of 707 Guilford Blvd., is charged with receiving stolen property, a fifth-degree felony, police said.
Five others suspected in the theft case were arrested Thursday night. Kourtney Mains, […]

Anti-thumb-sucking polish: cruel or necessary?

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By Landon Hall, The Orange County Register

A while back we mounted a campaign to get our 4-year-old daughter to stop sucking her thumb. Her dentist recommended this nail-polish-like product called Mavala STOP, which tastes like what you’d imagine regular nail polish would, only much more bitter.

It works in combination with gentle psychology (”Em, let’s suck our thumb only at bedtime.”). Sometimes she even askes to have her nail “polished,” because she’s old enough to to know that she needs to stop her habit, even if she doesn’t yet know the benefits to her teeth and jaw of stopping now.

But this week we spilled some from the little 10-milliliter container (which costs about $10), and I cleaned it up with a wipe. I washed my hands, but some of the stuff stayed on my fingers, and it wasn’t until hours later that I tasted some, accidentally, while I was brushing my teeth.

Remember when Sylvester the cat would eat alum and his face would scrunch up? It was like that. Mavala STOP is made in Switzerland, but it tastes like it was created in a nonneutral country very hostile to the U.S.

Should I feel guilty for giving this product to my child? WebMD seems to think so. In its nine tips for stopping thumb-sucking, it says:

DON’T use the nasty-tasting stuff that is marketed to stop thumb sucking and finger sucking. “It’s just cruel,” (Beverly Hills family psychologist Jenn) Berman says. “It’s pulling the rug out from under your child and that’s not fair.”

See? Sometimes you don’t even know you’re being cruel and unfair until you’ve done some research. It’s given me pause. Right this minute she’s clutching her blankie (Simba 7) and watching “Sesame Street,” and she looks comfortable and content.

I called Em’s dentist, Dr. Anna Chand of Irvine Children’s Dentistry. She assured me that Mavala STOP is harmless and effective: It has helped 80 percent of the practice’s young patients stop thumb-sucking or nail-biting. The other 20 percent either don’t mind the taste of the gunk or actually like it. For those kids, the next step is a thumb-guard and then a specially made mouth appliance.

Young children may suck their thumbs or fingers from birth (or in the womb) to soothe themselves when they’re anxious. But by age 3 parents should be weaning them, Chand said. “The longer you wait, the harder it is for them to stop.”

Even before permanent teeth come in, vigorous sucking of the thumb or a pacifier can cause problems by narrowing the upper jaw. This can lead to a cross-bite, in which one or more of the upper teeth turn inward and don’t meet their bottom counterparts; or an open bite, in which the front teeth don’t meet. These conditions may require braces or surgery to correct.

Chand said her practice has tried other products, but they don’t work because the taste is too mild and so isn’t a deterrent. “Mavala STOP works because it tastes so bad.”

I interrupt “Abby’s Flying Fairy School” and say to Em, “It’s time to paint your nail.”


I don’t feel like a child-abuser. Another tiny battle won.

Updated: Browns rookie Joe Haden agrees to deal, with $26M guaranteed

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BEREA — Rookie cornerback Joe Haden agreed to a five-year contract Saturday afternoon, agent Malik Shareef confirmed.
Shareef said Haden hopes to have the deal signed in the next couple of hours, which would allow him to join the team for the evening practice. Haden missed a week of rookie sessions and the first full-squad […]

Browns RB Montario Hardesty out, will miss weeks

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BEREA — Rookie running back Montario Hardesty, a second-round pick expected to compete for a starting job, didn’t practice Saturday morning as the Browns opened training camp. He twisted his knee during rookie practices earlier in the week and will be re-evaluated in a couple of weeks.
“He twisted his knee in a drill the other […]

Joe Haden absent at start of Browns camp

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BEREA — Cornerback Joe Haden, the No. 7 overall pick, wasn’t on hand Saturday morning when the Browns began training camp. Haden is the team’s only rookie unsigned.
Haden flew into Cleveland on Thursday, according to his Twitter account, so he could join practice soon after he signs. That could mean the second practice Saturday night […]

GOP,Dems eye immigration ruling

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Charles Babington

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON – On the sur­face, a judge’s decision to block tough provisions of Arizona’s immigration law was a defeat for the state’s Republican governor and a win for the Democratic Obama administration. But nei­ther party is sure it will play out that way politically, either this fall or beyond.

Keeping the illegal-immigra­tion issue burning might help some Republican candidates, who need a fired-up conserva­tive base, campaign strategists in both parties said Thursday. And the federal ruling might let Republicans campaign for tougher immigration enforce­ment without embarrassing scenes of police officers demanding documents from U.S. citizens of Hispanic descent, a widely predicted fall­out of Arizona’s pending law.

But if the GOP appears too zealous, it runs a longer-term risk of alienating Hispanic vot­ers, one of the fastest-growing constituencies.

A handful of Republicans pounced on U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton’s decision Wednes­day to block provisions of the Arizona law. One of them would require officers to check a per­son’s immigration status while enforcing other laws if there’s a reasonable suspicion the person is in the country illegally.

The Republican Governors Association issued a fundraising e-mail from Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, asking for help in the ongoing fight to implement the law. And Colorado Senate hope­ful Jane Norton’s campaign con­ducted robocalls telling Republi­can voters of her support for the measure.

But beyond Arizona, where street demonstrations took place on Thursday, many politi­cians took a wait-and-see stance. In Washington, top Republican lawmakers and party officials made statements about jobs, energy, taxes, health care, campaign finance and passport fraud, but there was hardly a whisper about immi­gration.

Democrats were nearly as quiet, aside from the Congres­sional Hispanic Caucus calling for a comprehensive solution to the issue.

The people plotting campaign strategy say illegal immigration can be an emotional but unpre­dictable issue. Many Americans express concerns about unlaw­ful entries and the impact on wages and government resources. But they also talk about the power of deportation to break up families, and other matters.

Browns training camp preview: Keep your eyes on these guys

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he jerseys, helmets and numbers never change.
The players inside switch almost every year.
No. 17 now belongs to Jake Delhomme, not Brian Sipe or Braylon Edwards. Benjamin Watson, not Ozzie Newsome or Steve Heiden, is No. 82. Colt McCoy wears No. 12.
President Mike Holmgren is the most prominent name within the organization, and he may be […]

Indians crushed by Blue Jays; Kearns traded to Yankees

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TORONTO – Jose Bautista doesn’t want to get traded by Toronto. The way he’s hitting right now, his Blue Jays teammates are just as eager to keep him around.
Bautista hit a grand slam, his major league-leading 31st home run, Fred Lewis added a solo shot and the Blue Jays beat the Cleveland Indians 8-1 on […]

Sore back lands Indians’ Talbot on DL

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The Indians placed right-hander Mitch Talbot on the 15-day disabled list with a lower back strain Friday and optioned right-hander Jess Todd to Triple-A Columbus.
Cleveland also recalled right-hander Jensen Lewis and purchased the contract of righty Justin Germano from Columbus.
“We were looking for a guy who could give us minimum three innings today and (Germano) […]