It was supposed to be the week of my children’s dreams.

They would have Mommy all to themselves for seven straight days and enjoy nothing but fun, games and sunshine. No work, no school and definitely, no daycare. And, bedtimes would be negotiable.

Well, let me be the first one to say this staycation has not been a dream come true. I won’t go as far as to say it is a nightmare, but pretty close.

First, Monday’s trip to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo was canceled after my 3-year-old lost my car/house keys in the apartment and it took all of two hours to find them hidden under a pile of clean clothes I had days earlier told my 10-year-old to hang up. I was so ticked off, I told them ‘no, monkeys for you’.

Let that be a lesson to all you kids: Do your chores because you have no idea what the consequences will be.

But a trip to the local library to sign up for the summer reading program and lounging by the pool seemed to dry up all the tears and pleas to go somewhere.

Tuesday, which was supposed to be pool/picnic day sort of played out just like I planned minus one thing — the picnic. They just wanted to grab Wendy’s and head to the pool. Thank God this complex has a pool because without it, I would be up a creek without a paddle or a prayer.

Now, today – Wednesday – was supposed to be a day spent at the greatest place on earth. In Northeast Ohio terms that means none other than Cedar Point in good ole Sandusky. Its a place where 17 roller coasters tower over the entire park, daring thrill seekers to take a spin.

However, Mother Nature had other plans. She felt the need to sprinkle our neck of the woods with a little rain. Make that a lot of run and thunderstorms, too. Rain and amusement parks do not mix, in my opinion, so we canceled that trip as well.

But Cedar Point is a kind and gracious amusement park king and agreed to honor our tickets for Thursday.

So, tomorrow we will try again and in the meantime, I will once again rely on the biggest lesson I have learned thus far this week: Plan and improvise when that plan falls through.

I think I hear Cinemark calling my name.

Now, I just hope my 3-year-old is OK with settling down for a movie and popcorn.

–Lisa Roberson

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