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Oberlin student off to India in foreign exchange program

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OBERLIN — Clara Medwid, 16, will be calling New Delhi, India, home for 11 months.

The Oberlin High School student will be spending her junior year abroad, taking classes at a co-educational high school in New Dehli. While her classes will be in English, she will be speaking Hindi at home, which she is preparing for through the use of a Hindi/English dictionary, audio tapes and a tutor.

Medwid was chosen as an American Field Service ambassadress through her application and successful interviews. She was selected to study in her top choice, India, which as a history buff, she chose for its budding democracy. To alleviate some of the expenses of the program, she was awarded a $1,200 merit scholarship by the AFS Oberlin chapter.

Medwid is the first AFS participant to go abroad from Oberlin in eight years, but she is not the first AFS participant in her family. Her mother, Sam Lyle-Medwid, studied in Australia in 1977.

Lyle-Medwid believes her experience will be memorable and enlightening.

“It will be a life-changing year for her. I believe she will go on the plane as one person, and come off as another,” she said. “As a teenager you already grow so much, but in a different environment and with a different family, I am sure she will grow even more. It will broaden her horizons in so many ways.”

This past year, the Medwid family hosted an exchange student from Switzerland. Isabel Contra, 16, spent the year experiencing the life of an American high school student, even being afforded the opportunity to play on high school basketball and softball teams.

AFS-USA is an exchange student organization, getting its start about 60 years ago. Its mission is to “work towards a more just and peaceful world by providing international and intercultural learning experiences … through a global volunteer partnership.”

Each year, the program exchanges more than 13,000 students, young adults and teachers from more than 40 different countries.

Contact Maria Sellers at 329-7155  or

Wellington & Oberlin notebook: July 1, 2009

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Public meetings set for school plans

Wellington Schools Superintendent Francis Scruci is inviting the public to attend meetings to discuss the potential school facility building project.

The goal is to determine what the public will support so Scruci can make a recommendation to the school board. All those with opinions, suggestions, comments, etc. in regards to the building project are encouraged to attend.

There will be a morning and evening meeting each day. The dates are 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. July 8 and July 9. The meetings will be in the auditorium of the McCormick Middle School.

Health event set for August

Cleveland Clinic, Huron and South Pointe Hospitals will host the sixth annual Universal Sisters: Celebrating Health and Soul event, a minority health program designed to address the health concerns of women of color from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Aug. 15.

The event at the Intercontinental Hotel, 9801 Carnegie Ave., Cleveland, includes keynote presentations by national and local experts, free health screenings, breakout sessions on health issues such as heart disease, diabetes, nutrition and stress management.

Some 1,000 women are expected and the cost is $30 per person in advance. For tickets or more information, visit

Send your Wellington and Oberlin news to Cindy Leise, 329-7245 or

Wellington & Oberlin calendar: July 1, 2009

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LifeShare community blood mobile will be at Willard Memorial Square, Wellington, from 1 to 6 p.m. Call (440) 322-5700.

The Bridge, Oberlin Public Library, 82 S. Main St., Oberlin, are offering the following computer classes. Call (440) 774-3820.

  • Picture perfect, 3 to 4 p.m. July 6-10
  • My video camp, 1 to 3 p.m. July 13-17
  • My Space magic, 3 to 4 p.m. Aug. 3-7
  • My first computer camp I, 10 a.m. to noon, Aug. 3-7
  • My first computer camp II, 10 a.m. to noon, Aug. 10-14
  • Midnight computing (ages 13-18), 9 p.m. to 12 a.m., now through Aug. 7


Child immunization clinic, 2:30 to 5 p.m., Oberlin Public Library, 65 S. Main St., Oberlin, for children up to 18 years. Call (440) 322-6367, (440) 323-7595 or (440) 236-8722.


CPR/first aid re-certification,  5:30 p.m., Lorain County Chapter of the American Red Cross, 2929 West River Road N., Elyria. Call (440) 324-2929.

July 11

Standard first aid, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Lorain County Chapter of the American Red Cross, 2929 West River Road N., Elyria.Call (440) 324-2929.

Adult CPR, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Lorain County Chapter of the American Red Cross offices, 2929 West River Road N., Elyria. Call (440) 324-2929.


Oberlin High School class of 1969 is seeking classmates for its 40th reunion celebration; contact Carol at (440) 365-0960 or Eddie Williams at

Submit calendar items at least two weeks prior to the event by faxing to (440) 329-7282 (Attention: Oberlin-Wellington news) or e-mailing

Lorain International Festival Parade winners announced

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The Hungarian national float took first place in the nationality floats category.

The Hungarian national float took first place in the nationality floats category.

Andrea Miceli, first-time chairwoman for the Lorain International Festival parade, called the 2009 parade a “memorable success.”

A rainy Sunday morning gave way to bright sunshine just as the parade stepped off at 11:30 a.m.

More 110 units from Lorain County and visiting royalty from all over Ohio, made their way down Broadway and past the grandstand at City Hall. There grand marshal Antonio Barrios and honorary grand marshal Joe Skodny waved the entrants on.

Gary Fisher walks with the Lorain Lions Club, which placed third in the novelty category.

Gary Fisher walks with the Lorain Lions Club, which placed third in the novelty category.

Lorain International Association President Terri Soto was the first woman to announce the parade.

Two judges from All American Judges evaluated the units based on criteria such as presentation, creativity and marching style.

The 2009 winners are:

Nationality float

  1. Hungarian national float
  2. St. Clements Macedonia dance group
  3. Tatra Highlanders Polish Folklore Dancers

Commercial float

  1. Lorain County Community College
  2. Willow Rental LLC
  3. Lorain County Metropolitan Housing Authority/Resident Assistance Watch Program

Noncommercial float

  1. Lorain Palace Youth Theater
  2. El Centro
  3. Academy of Arts and Sciences and Lorain Preparatory Academy

Visiting royalty

  1. Erie County Fair
  2. Ohio Swiss Festival
  3. Berlin Heights Basket Festival

Senior color corps

  1. Lorain County sheriff’s auxiliary color guard

Juvenile baton Unit

  1. The Deputies baton, flag and drum corps

Junior baton unit

  1. The Deputies baton, flag and drum corps

Senior baton unit

  1. The Deputies baton, flag and drum corps

Junior Drill Team

  1. African Royalty drill team

Senior drill team

  1. Royal Canadian Legion ladies drill team

Marching unit

  1. Lorain Admiral King cheerleaders
  2. Stone Sports Saints cheerleaders

Motorcycle unit

  1. DWD Motor Sport bike club
  2. Lorain County sheriff


  1. Al Koran Shriners and Lorain County Fire Brigade
  2. Lorain Public Library System
  3. Lorain Lions Club


  1. Ohio Army National Guard

Air France crash photos hoax

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There is a new email hoax floating around the net that claims to show two photos from the crash of the Air France Airbus that went down a month ago over the Atlantic Ocean during a flight from Rio to Paris. The claim in the email is that while everybody onboard was killed the memory stick was recovered from the camera and these two images survived.


Well, a quick trip to provides all the information you need to know this story is bull.


First off, the email has already made a trek around the world once before. According to snopes a blogger wanted to demonstrate that people don’t really read things. He posted a story that was pretty much identical to this one. It was based on a 2006 accident between an executive jet and a 737. He ran the photos and at the bottom of the story he posted a link that explained the hoax.


Saving the best for last, the pictures might look familiar to some people. If you are a Lost fan you may have seen this crash in the opening episode. The photos are screen caps from promotional footage for the show

9 to 5 to 9: 4 is the magic number

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He went to bed one night a callow youth of 3, excited about his birthday the next day but not quite understanding that if he’d just go to sleep it would be here before he knew it.

He awoke the following morning a mature lad of 4, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Or at least get to school under his own locomotion, something we’d been trying for a few weeks with varying degrees of success and myriad decibel levels of protest.

“I can do it, and I won’t get tired,” Boots said. “I’m 4 now!”

There must be something magical about being 4. It was about that age that it clicked with Big Guy, too, that he can control his own actions, that he’s not just a victim of what the world throws at him.

Learned, but not mastered, though. It’s a work in progress, and some days it’s more work than others.

Boots’ birthday was no work at all, until we hit the inevitable bedtime Armageddon tantrum fueled by too much sugar and a missed nap.

“I can walk all the way home from school without an uppy,” he said later. “I’m 4 now!”

He fastened his car-seat harness, not once but twice on his birthday. He’d struggled with the bottom fastener for months, wanted to do it but unable to grunt, groan or will it into place. He’d eventually give up with frustrated tears and moans of “I can’t!”

“Look! I can do it now that I’m 4.”

Over the weekend, he’d plopped on the couch to “read” a book in a protest at being told to help. During the frantic rush to get ready for his party just days later, he begged for something to do.

“I need a job, too. I’m 4 now!” he said.

Maybe it’s because he actually has vague memories of Big Guy at age 4 and can recall all the rights and privileges that started coming his way. Maybe it’s because 4 seems more respectable than the baby-like 3. It is closer to being able to go to kindergarten, after all.

I don’t know why it’s happening, but I do know that I’m going to milk it for all it’s worth, just as I did when Big Guy was “learning to be 4.”

“Really? You can’t pick up those toys? But 4-year-olds can do that.”

—By Debra Legg,


Debra Legg is a writer and mother of two boys, Big Guy and Little Guy. Read more of their adventures in chaos at


Another milestone, another headache

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My daughter can read: the end of my life as I know it.

It’s over. My kid can now read. Okay, not Tolstoy or even Nancy Drew but “I just saw your profile and you seem really nice” or “I need to up my meds,” yeah, that, THAT she’s all over.

Now you’d think I’d be thrilled my little baby can read and if it were to help me to somehow make my life as a mother easier, I would say, “Yay, great” but my emails? I’m starting to think I should have let her repeat another year of pre-school. I wear my heart on my sleeve and the filter on my mouth got lost somewhere in the birth canal, so the way I’ve dealt with it since my child was born, was to write and spell everything.

Now, I knew this day was coming and I’m not fully unprepared as I’d decided many months ago to learn Spanish, only that alternative doesn’t seem to be working too well as no one in my circle of friends understands anything that falls in between when I say “hola” and “Adio.”

On top it all, I know have yet another thing to remember and that is to log off after I’m done reading my emails. I can no longer just put my computer to “sleep” as I’m accustomed to doing. I have to push all these extra buttons and THEN go to bed and then I have to wake up and press MORE buttons.

I’m exhausted just thinking about it. Boy am I glad summer is here. Phew, and I thought I loved camp as a child? As an adult, I think it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Hopefully, for the next 12 weeks she’ll learn nothing more than how to swim better, apply her own sunscreen and make me a cute little necklace and maybe if I’m lucky, she might even forget how to read.

–Jessica Bern is the creator/producer of the Web series bern this about a neurotic woman’s journey through her weekly visits to her therapist’s office and an advice columnist for the mouthy housewives. She also is a contributor to the Silicon Valley Moms Blog,

Staycation not so successful so far

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It was supposed to be the week of my children’s dreams.

They would have Mommy all to themselves for seven straight days and enjoy nothing but fun, games and sunshine. No work, no school and definitely, no daycare. And, bedtimes would be negotiable.

Well, let me be the first one to say this staycation has not been a dream come true. I won’t go as far as to say it is a nightmare, but pretty close.

First, Monday’s trip to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo was canceled after my 3-year-old lost my car/house keys in the apartment and it took all of two hours to find them hidden under a pile of clean clothes I had days earlier told my 10-year-old to hang up. I was so ticked off, I told them ‘no, monkeys for you’.

Let that be a lesson to all you kids: Do your chores because you have no idea what the consequences will be.

But a trip to the local library to sign up for the summer reading program and lounging by the pool seemed to dry up all the tears and pleas to go somewhere.

Tuesday, which was supposed to be pool/picnic day sort of played out just like I planned minus one thing — the picnic. They just wanted to grab Wendy’s and head to the pool. Thank God this complex has a pool because without it, I would be up a creek without a paddle or a prayer.

Now, today – Wednesday – was supposed to be a day spent at the greatest place on earth. In Northeast Ohio terms that means none other than Cedar Point in good ole Sandusky. Its a place where 17 roller coasters tower over the entire park, daring thrill seekers to take a spin.

However, Mother Nature had other plans. She felt the need to sprinkle our neck of the woods with a little rain. Make that a lot of run and thunderstorms, too. Rain and amusement parks do not mix, in my opinion, so we canceled that trip as well.

But Cedar Point is a kind and gracious amusement park king and agreed to honor our tickets for Thursday.

So, tomorrow we will try again and in the meantime, I will once again rely on the biggest lesson I have learned thus far this week: Plan and improvise when that plan falls through.

I think I hear Cinemark calling my name.

Now, I just hope my 3-year-old is OK with settling down for a movie and popcorn.

–Lisa Roberson

Jazz on the Vine pictures

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My shirt was inside out? Sheesh….

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My daughter had a great year at her pre-school, and watching her and her pint-sized friends sing for us last week at the end-of-year ceremony, I got misty-eyed. It made me reflect on the whole year, which seems like it just zoomed by.

I was feeling pretty good about things until we got home that night and I realized I’d worn my shirt to the party INSIDE OUT.

Nice one.

I guess no one really noticed because it was one of those gauzy Indian shirts, but still — God. Was I the same person who that very morning had promised myself that for once — for once! — I was gonna take some time to put myself together before I left the house?

This would have meant actually blowing my hair dry and applying styling products. Maybe putting on a dress and some makeup. (My daughter of course, looked fine, in her little Laura Ashley dress and new sandals, and not too grown out haircut. (Me, I haven’t gotten a trim in months. Let’s not talk about my eyebrows.)

Of course I had a migraine the morning of the school celebration. Which meant I had to drag myself out of bed, in pain. The shower helped take the edge off my throbbing head, but the hair ended up being a big frizz ball — no time for styling. I limped over to meet a friend for coffee, eating stuff I knew I shouldn’t — since I needed comfort, and coffee. Then I had to dash off to work with a colleague on a project. She tried to get me to stop for lunch, but there was no time. I ate a banana. Days like this have to run with military precision. Lunch was for the weak.

From there, I raced towards home, stopping at the supermarket to do a big shop (since the kid is off this week and I wanted as many errands as possible out of the way.) By the time I got home I had just enough time to haul the groceries upstairs, then decided to heat up some leftover pasta, with spaghetti sauce. Because of course I was faint with hunger. (That’s when I stripped off my shirt, so it wouldn’t get stained) and put the rest of the stuff away in my bra. And checked my email. And packed everything up for the party at the school. I don’t remember if I put the blinds down.

I got to the school early enough to take my daughter for a walk with her baby doll (I even remembered the baby doll’s stroller) so she could stretch her legs before the main event. And we had time to set up a nice cheese, salami, olive and cracker platter.

But, hell, even the baby doll was wearing her best dress! Me — I threw the shirt back on — we all know how well that went — pedal pushers and flip flops. I am sad to say that my legs weren’t shaved and my toes weren’t painted. Ugh.

But we all had a good time. The kid looked great. The cheese platter was devoured.

If I can find the gift certificate my husband gave me — I’m not kidding — last NOVEMBER for my birthday, I am going to the spa.


This is an original New Jersey Moms Blog Post. Theta Pavis is a writer, editor and poet. When she is not writing, she is dreaming of a spa day.